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Lydia Mhango - 2 Lydia Mhango – 2


SHE  is a platform to show and talk about the women of Kitwe.  It has nothing to do with social standing, wealth, beauty, disability, education, profession, success etc.  No.  It is simply ‘The Women of Kitwe’ and will therefore endeavour not to have any form of bias.

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Meet the Women of Kitwe:

Bridget Kaite 3 - kitweonline

Bridget Kaite 3 – kitweonline

Bridget Kaite


irene samutuhu

irene samutuhu

 Irene Samutuhu


Elizabeth Kaminsa - kitweonline

Elizabeth Kaminsa – kitweonline

 Elizabeth Kaminsa


Sarah Kakene - 2 - kitweonline

Sarah Kakene – 2 – kitweonline

 Sarah Kakene


Kutemba Muchima

Kutemba Muchima

 Kutemba Muchima


Mother and child 2

Mother and child 2



Lynda Wangongo - kitweonline

Lynda Wangongo – kitweonline

 Lynda Wangongo

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