We have  contacts with hundreds of  truck dealers and can source brand new or used (second hand) trucks for you from U.K. There is a wide variety of quality vehicles to choose from.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please use the box below to drop us a note giving the details of what you are after (Don’t forget to indicate a way of us communicating with you to give you the information you want, e.g. Email and/or Mobile number). We value your privacy and will not share your information with anybody else.

Tipper Truck_Foden 3000 8x4  for sale


2005 SCANIA P270 Diesel


Dropside Truck_DAF 45 150








There are many reasons why you should buy your vehicle through us.

When you are investing in a vehicle,  you are risking your hard earned cash on a vehicle you have not seen. A lot of money. Your decision will be based on a few photos,  the seller’s description and a lot of faith on your part. The seller’s first interest is to sell his vehicle, not to give you the best deal. You need someone to represent your interests. That is where we come in.

There are usually many UK dealers selling the type of vehicle you are looking for to suit your budget. We have access to hundreds of them and are in a position to compare and choose the best deal for you.

Most dealers arrange shipping through one shipping agent. The shipping cost tends to be fixed, with both the shipping agent and the garage benefiting from the arrangement. We are able to compare the best deal from different independent shipping agents on your behalf.

Private sellers sometimes just put a sign in the window of the vehicle to show that it is on sale. They tend to be cheaper than registered truck dealers who understandably have cost overheads to consider.

Bargains are usually available in little towns and villages where the seller is unwilling or unable to advertise on the Internet.  Adverts cost money and dealers add a commission to the sale price. As a buyer, you will end up paying for all these extra costs. We have access to these bargains and we pass on those savings to you because our commission remains the same.

Some dealers publish photos of vehicles from other dealers or private sellers and add a big commission. Our commission is modest and fixed.

Some sellers publish photos taken in such a way that they don’t show the faults on the vehicle. We look for what you don’t see in the photos.

Most private sellers will not be willing to get involved in the process of shipping a vehicle abroad, preferring the buyer to collect. We are able to get such bargains and arrange shipping for you.

We know of Zambian buyers who found that the seller changed tyres on the vehicle prior to shipping,  replacing them with worn out ones. Other buyers have paid for a vehicle only to find that it was a fake dealer they sent their money to. Trying to chase such cowboy dealers can be very expensive.

We have a vested interest in making sure you are happy with your purchase because we want you to come back to us as your business prospers and we want you to recommend our services to your friends and business partners. It is in our interest to make sure you get a good bargain.

What Do We Do For You?

  • We check out the dealers. We know hundreds of dealers and we will check out the ones we don’t know for you.
  • Check the vehicle to make sure it is not reported stolen. Interpol will get you if you import a stolen vehicle. You will lose your money and will be in even more trouble with Interpol.
  • Check the vehicle to make sure it has not previously been written off through previous accident damage
  • Check the vehicle for VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) Recalls: When a manufacturing fault is discovered and the vehicle is recalled for rectification of the fault, we check for that information.

Remember that Google Search gives you search results that are determined by what Google thinks you want and which town you are in. Your search results may therefore be quite different from ours. If you Google “Restaurant” while you are in Lusaka, Google will serve you different results from when you search for the same words while you are in London. This may result in you missing some bargains that Google shows us because the sellers are local to us in UK.

You can look for the vehicle on the Internet for your self. Once you find one that you like, you can then let us check it and the dealer out for you.

POA (Price On Application): There are usually hundreds of adverts where the selling price is not given. POA means you have to get in touch with the seller and ask about the price, and any other details you may deem important to ask about. For us,  it will mean a local phone call. For you, it will mean an expensive international call. How many of those calls will it be cost effective for you to make? Instead of just skipping such adverts in your search for your vehicle you can to let us check them out for you. That way,  you have a wider choice of vehicles to choose from.

Once your vehicle is shipped, you can then collect it from Dar es Salaam, Walvis Bay, Durban, or other port, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to your town of choice.

Our commission is fixed, so there are no nasty surprises as you budget for your important purchase.

For all the above reasons, buying your vehicle through Kitwe Online makes a lot of sense and gives you peace of mind while saving you time and money.




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