Chamboli Schools Re-visited

Kitwe did not always have so many schools. In the early 1960s there was a shortage of primary and secondary schools. Adolescents who were maturing into young men and women grabbed the opportunity to go to school when new primary schools were built.

Nkana and Chamboli Primary schools were among the early school in the south of Kitwe.

Refugees from Poland during World War II and British scouts founded Scout groups in Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was called before 1964.

20th World Scout Jamboree commemorative stamp 2002-2003

20th World Scout Jamboree commemorative stamps 2002-2003

A camping site where a scout Jamboree was once held along Lwanshimba Road, near the junction with Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way, is widely believed to have given rise to the name Chamboli (the Bemba language has neither a “J” nor “R” sound).

Mrs J.K. Mporokoso - Head Teacher, Chamboli Basic School 2010

Mrs J.K. Mporokoso - Head Teacher, Chamboli Basic School 2010

Twashuka primary school had Night Classes. It was common to find pupils who were shaving their beards attending primary school with the lucky children who were now starting school at the age of 7. This also meant some young children not being able to get into primary school because of the intense competition.

Birth certificates were not readily available for most children, and one of the arbitrary tests carried out(at some schools) to see if a child was old enough to enroll, was to ask them to reach over the top of the head with one arm and touch the opposite ear! If they failed to touch the ear they were asked to come back the following year.

The first class at Chamboli Secondary School moved from Twashuka Primary School  where they had been squatting. Chamboli Secondary School opened its doors in 1965, under the watchful eye of Mr Robertson Namutabo. He was a learned and respected Head Teacher. Construction continued, with the addition of additional classes and labs. In the late 70s extra classes were built.

Over the years, there have been a procession of teachers, fondly remembered by former students. Graduates is a forum where former students and teachers reminisce.

Charles Nkandu (Deputy Head)-Lt, Evelyn Manda (Careers Advisor)-M, Charity Chavula(Acting Head)-Rt

Charles Nkandu (Deputy Head)-Lt, Evelyn Manda (Careers Adviser)-M, Charity Chavula(Acting Head)-Rt- 19 Sept. 2010

Mr David Talbot has kindly made this footage available: A film made with 5th year pupils at Chamboli Secondary School, Kitwe, Zambia in 1971 (copied from 8mm film). They made the film as part of their English Language project.

Two students in this photo from the video look like George Walubita and Jameson Mwansa from Form 5A (Class of 71)

Kitwe Online - Chamboli Secondary School, 1971

Kitwe Online - Chamboli Secondary School, 1971

Click here for Kitwe Schools Telephone numbers. Get in touch with your old/new school and introduce yourself. They will be very happy to hear from you.

Feel free to share your memories and experiences here. Photos would be really nice!

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  1. October 4, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    So glad to have stumbled on this site and appreciate where we came from to be what we are. Keep up the good work. I wpuld like someone to shed some light on Kalela Primary school – is it still there, has it expanded to more classrooms there were 6classrooms then but produced such good pupils the passing rate was high and everyone feared Mr Mwamba but i cant thank him enough for the knowledge he imparted in me. Thanks moderator

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