Mutondo House, Then and Now

What is Mutondo house now?

Just in between the Kitwe Civic centre and ZIBSIP College, is a two-storey building laced with copper rails around its entrance. If you go further inside you would notice that all door handles are made of pure copper.
Mutondo house was the name of this massive former ZCCM (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines) office complex before privatisation of the mines. It was the of the ZCCM Internal Audit department up to around 1994 when the Government fully privatised the Zambian mining giant.
To many, Mutondo House is synonymous with one football club known as Mutondo Stars. Mutondo Stars was once a Zambian super league football club which caused major upsets by performing some remarkable giant killing acts in the Zambian Super League between 1997 and 1999.
Mutondo Stars were an Elite club in Kitwe, which was primarily for the white-collar personnel of ZCCM. The club was disbanded around the time ZCCM was being un-bundled for privatisation.
The fame of this elite football club gave Mutondo House some noticeable prominence in Kitwe.
The complex has been renamed David Mwila House. The current owners and managers of this property are MUZ (Miners Union of Zambia). MUZ is one of the oldest if not the oldest labour movement in Zambia.
Some construction works have commenced at an area overlooking the Kitwe Civic centre access road.

A massive concrete slab is being erected to replace the lawn. These seem to be an expansion of office space. They have closed the main entrance’s car park to pave way for resurfacing.
Motorist working or visiting David Mwila house are facing challenges in finding parking space. They are parking their cars along the walk path that is along the fencing of David Mwila house and ZIBSIP on Presidents Avenue.
The massive infrastructural developments going on within the central busines area of Kitwe is helping to change the face of Kitwe for the better. Kitwe is beginning to look like a City.
It is good to see that indeed, Kitwe Changes overtime.

Mutondo House_David Mwila House_2

Mutondo House_David Mwila House_2

Mutondo House_David Mwila House_1

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