Bemba Lesson 6 – Greetings

For the first time, you can add fun to learning Bemba by following the audio lessons.

ENGLISH                                   BEMBA

Hello                                                     Muli shani?  :|titles=Mulishani


Welcome                                             Mwaiseni :|titles=Welcome


How are you?                                     Muli shani? :|titles=Mulishani


I'm fine, thanks. How are you?  Ndifye bwino. Naimwe ngamuli shani? :|titles=Ndifye


Good morning                                    Mwashibukeni :|titles=Good


Good afternoon (Resting)                 Mwatandaleni :|titles=Mwatandaleni


Good afternoon (Working)                Mwabombeni :|titles=Mwabombeni


Good evening                                    Chungulopo mukwai :|titles=Good 


Good night                                          Sendamenipo umutende :|titles=Goodnight 


Goodbye                                             Shalenipo :|titles=Goodbye


Have a nice day (Resting)                Tandalenipo umutende :|titles=Tandalenipo


Have a nice day (Working)               Bombenipo umutende :|titles=Bombenipo


See you later                                     Tukamonana limbi :|titles=Tukamonana



Let us know what you think of this format for the Bemba lessons. If you have specific words you would like to learn send in your request in the box below.


Loud speaker




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  1. Natotela sana, I'm from the Netherlands & I'm trying to learn iciBemba so I can speak with my Zambian grandmother. Actually hearing the sounds makes a huge difference so thanks a lot!

    • Mike, we are glad to learn that you find the lessons useful. We’ll try and include more audio lessons.
      We could do one entitled “A day with grandma.” If you have any particular words you would like to see included in the lesson, let us know.

  2. Please put up more Audio. Words like Please, Thank you, Just every day sentences. I'm trying to learn bemba but its hard without hearing it. I thank you so much for your hard work