Kitwe Poetry Corner – February 2012

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Inayat Khan

Read by Paul Phillips

The face of truth is open

The eyes of truth are bright

The lips of truth are ever closed

The head of truth is upright

The breast of truth stands forward

The gaze of truth is straight

Truth has neither fear nor doubt

Truth has patience to wait

The words of truth are touching

The voice of truth is deep

The law of truth is simple

All you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming

The heart of truth is warm

The mind of truth is clear

And firm through rain and storm

Facts are only its shadow

Truth stands above all sin

Great be the battle of lice

Truth in the end shall win.

Life of truth is eternal

Immortal is its past

Power of truth shall endure

Truth shall hold to the last.

The image of truth is the cross

Wisdom’s message is its rod

The sign of truth is Christ

And the soul of truth is God.


Sheldon Alan Silverstein

Read by Moddy Muponisi

If I didn’t know how to write poetry

I could have been losing my mind,

Building my anger or nothing at all.

If you did know how to write poetry

You woulda, coulda, shoulda

Laying in the sun

Talking about the things

You woulda, coulda, shoulda

All ran away ad hide from one little did

Writing poetry

North Star

Barney Kanjela

You are like the North Star

Everyone can see you

As  star above you can see me whole

And I look in your eyes.

I see the sun rising from your eyes

Rays touch my soul

So warm and heartening

You are like the North Star.

Your smile melts my hardened heart

Your smile creates dimples on you

Dimples that look like boobs

You are like the North Star.

What will my world be without you?

What would I look at?

There would be no sun rays

And I would have no reason to live.

You are like the North Star

You are the North Star

Hope I can see you when I am dead

To keep me alive

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  2 comments for “Kitwe Poetry Corner – February 2012

  1. Sebastian
    April 28, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    The poem on truth, seemingly attributed to “Paul Phillips” here is actually a Muhammad Ali poem… that’s plagiarism!

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