Love Games – TV Drama Series

Love Games (Zambia)

Like a wild fire, HIV has decimated the population of promising young talent and manpower in Zambia.
Casting a long shadow from one’s past, it has deep and present consequences. The sexual spread is
rooted in past choices. If you knew that you were making a decision that night which would change the
course of your life, would you choose to take enough alcohol to numb your critical faculties and wipe
out your memory of the choice making process? A clear understanding of decisions, consequences and
options will help us to make wise choices and re-enforce the sensible decisions that have protected
us. Good luck is not enough.

Love Games is a drama series that explores the issues around HIV through the interweaving stories of
five friends: Carol, a recent graduate, her best friend Womba and her auntie Tamara. Then there is
Tasheni,a recent arrival from UK, and the driven Mimi.

Love Games is part of the Safe Love campaign by the Ministry of Health, National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB
Council, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and its
Communications Support for Health project.

The drama features adult themes and parental guidance is advised.

Season 1

Season 1 was launched on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in January, 2013. There are
13 episodes in this season. It was filmed at 53 different locations.Viewers will recognise familiar
scenes around Lusaka.

The weekly episodes featured on ZNBC and MUVI TV.
Love Games season 1:
Episode 1: Condoms in Marriage
Episode 2: Is Trust Ever Enough?
Episode 3: Connections. It may not be visible, but a sexual network connects two people and any
previous lovers they may have had.
Episode 4: Relationship Dilemmas
Episode 5: Connecting the Dots. An examination of communication in relationships
Episode 6: Choices We Make. Factors that influence decision making.
Episode 7: I now only have 2 girlfriends!
Episode 8: Relationships and Communication
Episode 9: Traditional Teachings
Episode 10: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?
Episode 11: Taking Responsibility
Episode 12: Acceptance


 Watch Episodes 1-13 here:

(The next episode pops up at the end of each previous one).

Each episode in Season 1 was eagerly anticipated by viewers. It also provoked a lot of discussion on
social fora, and that is as it should be.
The season also had its critics. Imagine a mother watching her baby taking his first steps. What sort
of emotions would you associate with her face? Disgust that the baby can’t walk straight and is
nowhere near the skills of the two year old neighbour’s daughter, or pride that the baby took that
first step? The Zambian film industry is taking its first steps. We take immense pride in that.
The negative comments can be useful if they are aimed at encouraging and bringing out the best.That
is why we encourage responsible negative comments.

Story telling is a time-honoured way of provoking thought and teaching. That is why we welcome the
Love Games drama series and look forward to Season 2.

Season 2

Season 2 will be ready in July 2013. It will also have 13 episodes and we have been promised an even better season than Season 1.


THE CAST (Episode 1)

Director: Jeff Sitali

Executive Producer: Cathy Phiri

Written by Daliso Nyirenda

Stylist: Manenga Mwense

Production of Love Games: Media 365 wrote the scripts and managed casting and production.

Catherine N. Phiri is the Managing Director of Media 365 in Zambia


The Making of Love Games – Season 1

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