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Kitwe City/Kaunda/Coronation Square – 24 November 2014

Kitwe has changed over the years. Photographs are an interesting way to show and compare these changes. If you are visiting Kitwe after some time, you will notice how congested the town centre has become. This is one reason the City Council has laid out plans to open up land across the Kafue River from Nkana East for Kitwe to expand and accommodate its desperate need for office and living space.

Our images from the 1930s will be poor picture quality in comparison to modern day ultra high definition digital photos, but their historical value is beyond doubt. These photos show how Kitwe town centre has changed with time.

In this series, we will post some photos from the 1930 – 1960s for comparison with modern ones. We are indebted to Dave Cooper, founder of Great North who made it possible for us to get in touch with the owners of these images as far as possible.

Kitwe City_Kaunda_Coronation Square

Coronation_Square_Kitwe_Kaunda Square2

Coronation_Square_Kitwe_Kaunda Square2

Image source: Contributed to GNR by the late June Bohr


Kitwe City_Kaunda_Coronation Square - 24 November 2014

Kitwe City_Kaunda_Coronation Square – 24 November 2014

Image source: KitweOnline – 24 November, 2014

The original City Council Offices used to be at the square:

Kitwe Civic Centre - 1961 Map_2

Kitwe Civic Centre – 1961 Map_2

Image source: Dave Cooper – Map of Kitwe, 1961

Kaunda square is bustling with activity as it has always done. In the sixties and seventies, ladies sold knitted wares that they made at home. These days, if you want a photograph taken, there is always a group of freelance photographers still willing to snap and print on the spot.

Next time you sit under the shade of a beautiful tree such as you find in the city square, consider that the person who planted the tree has long passed on, but they planted the tree in the knowledge that someone would one day sit under its shade and appreciate its beauty. Planting a tree is a selfless act that never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Every tree has a story behind it. Behind every item in each picture is a story.

Do you have old photos of Kitwe? Share your story with the world here. Get in touch below. Your story is unique and your voice matters.


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