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Pen and PaperKitweOnLine is launching a writing contest open to all Kitwe residents. The purpose is to encourage healthy competition among the numerous talented writers in Kitwe, and to showcase some of that talent.

This will also encourage writers and aspiring writers to discover each other and network with each other.

KitweOnLine will also be offering a chance to become correspondents, interns or volunteers to selected participants.


  • Tourist Attractions around Kitwe and the Copperbelt

  • History of Kitwe

  • Kitwe Musicians

  • Business in Kitwe

  • Traditions/Culture/Religion in relation to Kitwe

  • Other topics relevant to Kitwe


The winner will receive a cash prize at a presentation ceremony in Kitwe on a date to be announced.

  • First Prize:      K500,000
  • Second Prize: K250,000
  • Third Prize:     K125,000

Important Dates

  • Submissions deadline: 30 January, 2011
  • Announcement of the winning entries: 21 February, 2011
  • Prize presentation: Date to be announced


  1. You must be a Kitwe resident
  2. Each contestant is allowed to submit one original and unpublished article.
  3. Your article must be at least 500 words and no more than 2,000 words long.
  4. Photos:
    1. You are encouraged to submit a photo of you to be published with your article
    2. You are also encouraged to use photos and other illustrations in your article
      • NOTE You will not be penalized for not using photos
  5. Qualifying articles will be judged by KitweOnLine editors. Articles making it through this initial stage will be published on KitweOnLine.
  6. The final winners will be picked from the published articles by KitweOnLine editors.
  7. The following will lead to automatic disqualification of an article:
    • Duplicate content published elsewhere
    • Profanities, slander or gossip
    • Lack of information or misinformation
    • Poor quality of presentation
    • Grammatical errors or typos.
    • The editors are not under obligation to furnish reasons for rejecting individual articles
  8. All articles are expected to adhere to KitweOnLine Writing Guidelines
  9. You are not allowed to submit multiple articles to increase your chances of winning the competition.
  10. The final three winners must agree to have their photo taken and published on KitweOnLine.

Copyright Transfer

Once an article is approved and published at KitweOnLine.com, each contestant agrees to transfer his or her “All Rights” to the article, to KitweOnLine.com.

The contestant does retain the right to state that he or she authored the article in the byline, but lose all other rights to the article, including the right to publish, market, or distribute the articles elsewhere in any format.

Winner Evaluation Criteria

Qualifying articles will be published live at KitweOnLine.com. The editors will include the following in their considerations:

  • Quality of information
  • Relevance to Kitwe
  • Grammars
  • Overall presentation
  • Reader reaction

So get your pen and get writing. We wish you all the best.


KitweOnLine reserves the right to refuse any contest entry for any reason.

Any taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners.




Will help you with typing and submitting your entry.

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