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Kitwe – Before and After Photos_1

Coronation_Square_Kitwe_Kaunda Square2

Kitwe City/Kaunda/Coronation Square – 24 November 2014 Kitwe has changed over the years. Photographs are an interesting way to show and compare these changes. If you are visiting Kitwe after some time, you will notice how congested the town centre has become. This is one reason the City Council has laid out plans to open up land across…

Kitwe Monuments – Mposa mabwe Statue

The story behind Kitwe's Mposa Mabwe Statue On Kitwe’s Matuka Avenue and in the middle of the road, between Chermopharm chemists and Mama Africa shop, there is a real human size stone throwing statue commonly known as Mposa mabwe (“stone thrower”) by the local people of Kitwe.  One may ask why the statue was erected…

The History of Kitwe


Next time you walk down the street, wherever you are, take a good look around you. You are watching history from a privileged front seat. The sights, sounds and smells around you are the ingredients of a historic time capsule. Someone down the line will look back one day, and wonder what it was like to walk where you are walking today.