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JS potrait

JS potrait




Dr John Sendama (JS)

John is the founder and CEO of KitweOnline Management Ltd.






Lydia Mhango

Lydia Mhango

Lydia Ndindase Mhango

Founder & Director of Sundiland Computer Services Limited, a business centre currently partnered with Realtime Zambia Limited for internet services.
Part-time Lecturer, Human Resource Management, Copperbelt University
Two sons (David and Clyde); one grandson (Subilo)
Theatrical interests: stage actress, director and administration at Kitwe Little Theatre
Email: Lydia.mhango(at) Mobile: +260 977 776 314
Religion: Christian – Reformed Church in Zambia
Lydia is currently writing a novel “Saroya” (More details on Kitweonline when it is ready)





Richard Katebe - KitweOnline

Richard Katebe – KitweOnline


Richard Katebe

Richard is a creative writer, blogger, Internet Affiliate Marketer and Website
 His interests include playing and watching soccer, playing chess, travelling and Motor Rally.
He likes to watch detective movies and humorous comedy.







Henry Nasilele - KOL

Henry Nasilele – KOL


Henry Nasilele

Principal Engineering Consultant and Founder at Mobritech Zambia Ltd.

Henry is a professional electrical engineer with vast experience of the Zambian mining industry. He is a writer, a spiritual up-lifter, a website designer and a budding network marketer.

Henry’s book “Snares of a  Deceptive Society” is available to read free of charge here and here.




Gradle Gardner

Gradle Gardner

Gradle Gardner

Gradle is a qualified Social Worker, Trainer and Author practicing for over twenty years in the field of Wellbeing and Social Care.

She has formulated and written procedures for organizations and provided developmental tools and supervision for employers and workers. She has a special interest in Stress Management and Workers Wellbeing.

Gradle is the author of:
Inducing Wellbeing in the Workplace: A Workers Guide to Stress Management

You can read more on her website:


John Katebe - kitweonline

John Katebe – kitweonline


John Katebe

John is a professional speaker (John Katebe Talks) and writer. He has written several plays, including the award winning “Madam President.”

John also conducts .







David Talbot_m

David Talbot_m



David Talbot

Senior Teacher, Chamboli Secondary School: September 1966 – November 1972.





Mwiinga Shimilimo -Acting Public Relations Officer

Mwiinga Shimilimo




Mwiinga Shimilimo

Former Public Relations Officer at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Kitwe.






Gloria Miyoba - (kitweonline)

Gloria Miyoba – (kitweonline)



Gloria Miyoba










Joseph Mwila Bwembya - Kitweonline

Joseph Mwila Bwembya – Kitweonline




Joseph Mwila Bwembya

English/Bemba translator and writer.

Joseph translated the Anti_GBV Act No. 1 of 2011 for the Ministry of Gender in Development. He is also involved with two international Christian organizations for which he has translated Video Scripts and some spiritual books.

Joseph is the author of “Pa Nsaka – Bemba Proverbs and Sayings – 1









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  3 comments for “Contributors

  1. sharry
    January 9, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Hi, I am new to Kitwe, and would like to know if there are any sites that offer help for expats now living in Kitwe. Eg: doctors, dentists, gyms etc. If not I would be interested in starting a face book classifieds for Kitwe. Please advise if there is not already such a site, would you join group and participate in a facebook page to offer assistance to us “newbies” to Kitwe. Thanks

    • JS
      January 10, 2014 at 1:19 am

      Hi Sharry,
      We are not aware of websites offering help for expats in Kitwe. Your idea would be a welcome extension of services available and something we would be happy to lend our support to.
      Our support and participation would be influenced by how it is structured.
      We welcome more positive contributions to the Kitwe scene and wish you every success.
      KitweOnline also welcomes volunteer contributors, should you wish to take part.

      • sharry
        January 13, 2014 at 10:33 am

        Hi JS,
        thanks, I have created a facebook page called Kitwe Forum, please could you encourage your members to log in so that we can assist each other when needed.

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