John Katebe

John Katebe Is Not Taking On Any Further Talks Or Seminars

Until Further Notice (9 Sep 2011)


John Katebe is a professional speaker and writer with And Seminars.

John conducts .



 Total Success Training Specialists

We are committed to providing success training aimed at meeting the individual's and organisation's spiritual, psychological and physical training and development needs.

We offer talks and seminars on the following topics:

1. Wealth Creation Principles*
2. Leadership and Management Skills
3. Employee Productivity for Enhanced Organisational Success
4. Confidence and Assertiveness Building
5. Effective Presentation Skills
6. Personal Motivation
7. Self-Improvement
8. Life Survival Skills
9. Parenting Skills
10. Academic Excellence

*We are in the process of developing an online course in Wealth Creation.



To be a change agent of first choice in Zambia.



To transform individuals and organisations into totally successful social and business entities through our creative talks and seminars.



1. Customer satisfaction
2. Timeliness
3. Excellence
4. Innovativeness
5. Integrity


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