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In the 1930s, Kitwe developed and grew in importance with the increasing mining activity at Nkana in the East. Supporting civil and industrial developments followed suit. The mines were, however, the largest employer in the whole Copperbelt region.

With privatization of the mines in the 90s, a new emphasis was placed on self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. A new breed of entrepreneur has evolved alongside the established industries. This has led to a mushrooming of small scale industries. They have small budgets, and advertising is not their forte.

Kitwe Online provides FREE ADVERTISING for all businesses operating in Kitwe. We hope all business men and women will take advantage of this to reach the ever increasing number of customers who are able to search the internet for goods and services they require.

There is a painfully low number of company websites in Kitwe. It is heartening to note that this is changing, all be it slowly. More and more businesses realize that the internet provides an important new dimension for conducting business. Those who are on the web have a bigger and yet cheaper way of interacting with their customers.






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