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Alice Ngulube - kitweonline

Alice Ngulube - kitweonline

Ntumeni Widow’s Vision was started in Kitwe Zambia in 2006 by Mrs Eunice Siwale. It is a registered charity organization in Zambia with most of its activities in Kitwe. There are branches in Mulenga, Kwacha and Kakolo compounds as well as Nkana. A branch was recently opened in Ndola and has 9 active members. There are plans to extend support to Kalulushi widows as well.

The charity seeks to empower widows with skills so that they can look after themselves and support orphaned children.

I joined them in 2008 as patron of the organisation.

My mission or ministry is to work with widows and orphans in Zambia.  To show them the love of God and most importantly to let them understand that the Lord loves them and encourage them to have hope that He is able to do abundantly all things for them if they trust Him and live according to His commandments.

The objective of the ministry is to teach skills and empower the widows to look after their children.


  • Fish pounds; the Government is ready to give us fish and provide training if we can build the ponds each pond costs about K1,000,000 and we need about 5 ponds for the government to provide training.


  • Health care assistant’s college. This project is mainly to accommodate young widows who are not into farming.  They will be trained free of charge and at the moment I am making contact with the ministry of health in Zambia to look at the proposal which has been written. This is my contribution towards empowering the women. In return the women have agreed to volunteer  five hours of their time each week to Kitwe Central Hospital children’s  ward that we have now adopted.
  • Chambeshi Children’s Ward this is the new project.
  • The ward was officially adopted by Ntumeni Widows Vision this year and our aim is to


– PROVIDE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT- This has received resounding support. So far we have received an ECG machine, pledges for 2 electronic BP machines, thermometers, weighing scales and television set.

BEE farming project it is already started but on a small scale.

Again here women are ready to work flat out and train each other. The problem here has been they do not have protective clothing.

  • Building 2 blocks of boarding accommodation at a primary school for orphans who have to travel about 30km a day to and from school. The widows are willing to build the blocks but will need money to buy cement. This is in Kakola which has no transport.
  • Soup KITCHEN – This was implemented last year but at the moment it is only done by people that can take on one or two orphans. I have written to big supermarkets to give us the foods that are about to expire so that we can use this food to ensure the orphans have a meal a day.

Currently this is done by women in Chipata compound in Kitwe. There are over 100 orphans.

  • We need books and toys for the centre that we   hope to build where theses children can come and learn and be shown love.
  • Build a centre where all the children can come after school.

We need a block making machine. The women of Ntumeni are ready to make blocks and build the centre themselves.

  • I have just sent 5 sewing machines and 2 Knitting machines for the Kwacha branch but we do not have electricity. We are looking for money to pay the electricity company so that the widows can use this premises to make uniforms for the children and also these women make batik material at the moment they sell these materials very cheap but if they had to make outfits they would sell more.

The immediate project is to build a centre that will carter for the children so that we remove these orphans from the streets.

  • Block making machine
  • Cement
  • Roofing sheets
  • Money to connect electricity
  • Paint to paint Kitwe Central Hospital children’s ward
  • Mattresses  for the children’s ward
  • Protective clothing for Bee farming
  • Money to build the ponds


Contact details:

Mrs Eunice Siwale (Founder), 65 Cowdray Way, Kitwe. Zambia. Tel 0966948140

Alice Ngulube (Patron) – Essex, United Kingdom. Tel. 00447962110473

Email: angelanyampande@yahoo.co.uk

To make a donation, use:

Ntumeni Widows Vision
ACCOUNT – 045001000174055


































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