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Kitwe Authors: Henry Nasilele 

Book Title:Snares Of A Deceptive Society


The Story Behind the Book called “Snares of a Deceptive Society“.

In our lives we undergo so many trials and temptations. My life has not been an exception to this experience.

Before I come to the book, I would like to give you a short history of my life, where some of my experiences are narrated in the book.

Henry Nasilele - KOL

Henry Nasilele – KOL

I was born a first born son of five children of my parents on 18th December 1953.  This was in the village called Moonga in the Mongu district of the Western province, then called Barotseland Protectorate.  My father, was a Head Teacher at Nakato School, which is some 60Km East of the village.

I was born on a Friday, so my mother initially gave me “Friday” as my first name! However, this was changed later when, my grandfather, gave me the name “Henry” in honour of one white man at Sefula mission. I understand this white missionary was very kind to my grandfather at the time he was growing up. (Read the previous Blog post called “Blood Lines”).

 In 1956 my father was transferred to Namachaha School, which was on the Barotse flood plain. I started school proper in 1960, though I used to attend class from 1959 as a “listener” in a class where my father was teaching. This was after I insisted that I should start school at an age of 6. During those days the average age to start school was 8 !

 As a result of this, I was amongst the youngest in all the classes that I attended from primary up to university. I started to work when I was only 24 and got married at the age of 25.

In 1964 I transferred to Liunga School, which is some 4 Km south of Moonga village. I stayed with my grandparents at the village, since I had to attend my upper school classes which were not available at Namachaha, which was a lower primary school then.

 In 1965 whilst I was doing my Standard 4 class, the Government announced that from 1966 there would be no more “Standard” classes. 

 School used to start in Sub Standard A, then Sub Standard B, Standard 1 up to Standard 6.

 This meant that the primary school had 8 classes. These were replaced by the current Grades 1 up to Grade 7 classes. Which means I did Standard 4 in 1965 which was followed by Grade 7 in 1966. Our class was the first ever at Liunga School which previously had classes up to Standard 4 only. Standards 5 and 6 classes were before that only available at the Sefula mission, where my grandfather and father had attended school.

 I did my secondary school education from 1967 to 1971 at Sefula Secondary School, which was a co-educational and boarding school.

 I did my tertiary education at the University of Zambia in Lusaka from 1972 to 1977,where I awarded a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in October 1977.

 I joined the mining industry in 1977 where I worked at four operating divisions on the Copperbelt and one in Lusaka. I worked for a total of nearly 33 years, before retirement in January 2010.

 Just after my retirement I underwent through a lot of hardships, as a result of con men and swindlers.

 My house in Lusaka, which I bought under the mine employee home ownership scheme in 1999, was almost lost to an organised group of con men.

 As if that was enough I was swindled by different individuals who cheated me that they would go into business with me or give me employment.

 I wrote the book “Snares of a Deceptive Society” from March to September 2010 whilst I was undergoing torment. The title of the book was initially supposed to be “Lamentations of Life” but this was changed after a vision was experienced in June 2010.

 The book “Snares of a Deceptive Society” was published on 23 July 2011 and is now on sale online here.

 I am praying that the book will be of some benefit to society and I am planning to incorporate it into an online community based Website and Blog where individuals will share their experiences and educate others on how to cope up in this deceptive world.

 I am seeking for funds to print hard copies once the demand for it has been established.

 I am open to suggestions and partnership into this project.

Stay blessed !


Henry Nasilele is a writer and a business man

Henry holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (B.Eng) from the University of Zambia in Lusaka and a certificate in Electrical Power Distribution from British Electricity International (BEI) of the United Kingdom.

Henry runs Mobritech (Z) Ltd, offering Electrical Engineering Services, Consultancy and Information Technology Services.

He is also an avid blogger on personal reflections, human relations and spiritual uplifting. His blog is called Quasima Minds.

Henry also  blogs on My Opera




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Copyright              Henry Nasilele (Standard Copyright License)

Edition                   1st

Published               July 23, 2011

Language               English

Pages                     206

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  1. Liseli Kawasha
    September 6, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Bo Nasilele,

    I believe you attended Sefula at the same time with my brother, Like Silishebo Jr. He used to come from Lusaka. If you remember him, I would like to hear from you. Email me at liselik83@gmail.com


    Liseli, K.

  2. April 27, 2012 at 9:20 am

    stay blessed.

  3. Stephen Bwalya
    August 9, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Hi. Book sound interesting. You are in a right direction. Keep it up

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