Lydia Mhango - 2

Lydia Mhango – 2




“God has blessed me,” says Rabecca.  She is 23 years old, married and recently had her first baby.  She is the youngest in a family of 8 siblings.  She lost both parents while quite young and has worked hard to get to where she is today.

She spent her childhood in Chingola and completed G12 at Kabundi High School in 2007.  She holds an International Computer Driving Licence in Information Technology from Don Brosco Technical College.  A devout Christian, she also studied Discipleship and Evangelism at Chingola Bible Centre in 2006.

Becky got married to Alick Mwale, who she met in 2007 but only started dating in 2008.  Two years later they got engaged, and another two years after that they got married.

Becky-Kitchen Party - African look

Becky-Kitchen Party – African look



Family and First Baby Experience

Becky could not believe it when she conceived barely one week into her marriage.  God has blessed the young couple with a lovely baby girl whom they have named “Ndinawe”.

Pregnancy experiences included terrible morning sickness in the first four months.  She did not have strange cravings like eating soil but she made efforts to eat a balanced diet each day, though loss of appetite was frequent towards the end.  She was very active during pregnancy, managing to clean the house, cook for her husband, do the laundry and go to work until the day before she went into labour.  She remembers that two weeks before delivery she experienced backaches that made it difficult to sleep on the bed; she could not find a comfortable position.

Wedding day 2

Wedding day 2

Wedding day

On 2nd of May 2013 at 07:50, baby Ndinawe came into this world.  Asked how Ndinawe has changed her life she says the baby doesn’t like sleeping alone and cries at night.  Sometimes she stays awake from about 23hrs until 05hrs; but is asleep through most of the day.



Becky, like most new mothers, enjoys seeing Ndinawe smile, giving her a bath, breastfeeding and just talking to her.  She says Ndinawe actually watches television.  As for Alick, he really enjoys holding and gazing at his baby girl.  The young couple intends to have two more children to make three.

Mother and child 2

Mother and child 2

Becky works as Office Manager for a business centre.  She is determined to develop herself so that she can use the knowledge and skills she has to contribute effectively to any organization she works for.  Her abilities and skills enable her to work as a secretary as well.  She enjoys graphic designing, particularly wedding and kitchen party cards.  She is still ambitious to do more in life and would like to study banking and interior decoration and eventually own her own business.

Mother and child 1

Mother and child 1


  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to work as team to achieve stated goals
  • Ability to work under pressure and with little supervision
  • Easily adapt to different work environments

Becky’s Hobbies

  • Spending time on the computer and learning new things all the time
  • Reading books
  • Going to church and singing


she women of kitwe - close image 3

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