Leonard Koloko


I am a creative writer and artist hailing from Zambia, a peaceful and beautiful country in the southern region of Africa. Author of a children’s story book, I have also keenly contributed numerous poems to various magazines, newspapers, anthologies and the Internet.

I personally view life as a unique and mysterious gift that should be lived to the fullest and be shared. We
creative writers are very cardinal to society because we are the eyes, ears and the voice of the people. In
my writing I always try and bring out that which other people suppress in their hearts and minds – be it love, hatred, grief, happiness etc. I try to capture that and in as few words as possible share it out. Of all forms of writing poetry has proved to be the most efficient to achieve this.

This poem celebrates poetry and its deep meaning.

If Poetry…

If poetry was human
It would be the Spirit
Not the body
For the body decays after death
But Spirit lives on and on.

If poetry was a song
It would be the melody
Not the lyric
For lyrics may change with time and age
But melody is the heart of every song.

If poetry was a meal
It would be the main dish
Not a salty starter, nor sweet dessert
But something for the heart to digest and relish.

If poetry was a Deity
It would be the Goddess of Beauty
Not the impish muse
For it is the Mother of all Creation.


Leonard is an active member of Kitwe Poetry Corner (Ed.)


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