October 24th – A Poem by Denny Moonde

Here is a poem sent in by Denny Moonde from Lumwana. If you would like to get your work published on KitweOnline, just send us an email and we will take it up from there.

October 24th

If Only for a Moment.

I’ll celebrate in my national colors

If only for a moment light up the fireworks
In the woods they battled
Now the streets, my hood
Our liberators dead and alive
Thanks for this peace in which we thrive
No one will deprive us the joy
Birthdays bring: October 24th
If only for a moment
I will waste no tear drops
I’ll make no apologies
I live in a nation peaceful at best
Pop open a cold Mosi!
Dress in my national colors,
Some ears to the sermon
A pastor at the pulpit
An eve and day well spent
October 24th ; If only for a moment
Celebrate, am a born free
Somehow torn, economic freedom not won
….A discussion for a different day,
Today I celebrate October 24th
If only for a moment
A basketful of joy, peace, love and unity
The struggle long won October 24th
If only for a moment;
We received a flower from a neighbor
Play Madalas soccer;
Have a family day on open ground
If only for a moment
We realized our ears do not know
The sound of gunfire the misfortunes of war-fare
October 24th if only for a moment
Pull down the political curtain
Look beyond religious inclinations
Dress Green, Orange ,Red and Black
Glide like an Eagle
Stamp out the confusion
Pray! Party! Dance! Do as you please
If only for a moment
My October 24th will be blissful
How will yours be….if only for a moment.


By Denny Moonde


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  2 comments for “October 24th – A Poem by Denny Moonde

  1. jimmy kayika
    March 2, 2016 at 12:17 am

    am a zambian poet,i need people wth the same talent as mine

  2. Crystal83
    January 19, 2014 at 5:46 am

    I am from a little town in Ohio in the USA and these poem are so Amazing its just hard to say how it make me feel you do Amazing work Mr. Moonde thank you for sharing the work

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