Born in Kitwe – Etienne Jean Marie Cacciari

Kitwe has had its fair share of talented performers down the years. Etienne Jean Marie Cacciari is a famous dancer, singer and choreographer who has gone on to open the first school of street dance in Italy. Jean Etienne Marie Cacciari "Etienne Jean Marie Cacciari in art Etn was born in Kitwe (Zambia) on January 16th 1974. The first seven years of his life was passed between his birthplace and L.A." He started dancing at the age of 6, on the famous third street promenade Santa Monica Boulevard, (L.A.). He was following his idol Michael Jackson. At the age of 7, he went to Italy and continued to practice the street dance style that he learned in L.A. In the following years he got together with other guys that danced the same style forming a group called "C.M.C. Black Emotion". And from then on they began to performed in the most famous clubs/discothèque in Italy and also in exhibition lessons in the biggest Italian fitness centres. During summer 1999 he danced at the "Festivalbar" for the singer Darryl Pandy and he also tooked part in his Italian tour performing as a dancer and as a choreographer. 1999 is a very fortuned year, because he met Luca Tommassini a famous international dancer (he danced for Whitney Huston, Paula Abdul, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna); now he is one of the most quoted choreographer (for Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Samantha Mumba, Holly Valance Luca Tommassini united Etn to his group of international dancers giving him the chance to realize his dream.Follow his story on his very sleek website:

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