Kitwe Poetry Corner – Barney Kanjela

Barney Kanjela is one of Zambia’s most prolific  literary heavy weights. The author of many scripts that have been translated into plays and performed in different countries. He is one of the forces behind Kitwe Poetry Corner.

CHANGES is Barney’s poem of the week.


By Barney Kanjela

For changes to be; there must be change

Instances, circumstances are due to change

Without change, there shan’t ever be a firmament

Like red ants, change marches on

So change there shall be!

Seasons are the reasons for change to be there

Even things can’t be there without change

Change is monotony’s Achilles heel

Brings about sunrise, noon, dusk and bedtime

So change there shall be

Change triggers the trek from birth to death

It converts soberliness unto drunkenness

It converts a good man into a bum

See Richard Likumba stagger into a house

So change there must be

The once shinny black hair is ash-grey

The britght, twinkling eyes are grey and myopic

The joints are now habitats for gout and arthritis

When my bones are interred change continues to change

So change there must be

Children of Mother Earth, heed my cry

Change is constant and it shall be.


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