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Kitwe has produced a lot of musicians over the years. We’ve had outstanding talent in jazz, pop, rhumba, hip-hop, religious, folk, world music and many more.

Zambian Thumb Piano

Zambian Thumb Piano

International musicians have performed on the Copperbelt with local bands at places like O.B. Bennet Hall, The Golden Peacock, Astra Cinema, Hotel Edinburgh, Nkana Hotel, Nkana Cricket Club, Rhokana Cinema, Nkana Mine Club, Mindola Boating Club, Kitwe Playing Fields and Kitwe Freedom Park.

Some of these venerated venues have been torn down and replaced by newer buildings. The Astra Cinema building was one of the first ones to go. Nkana Hotel has followed suit (Defunct Nkana Hotel to become shopping mall).

The current music scene is populated by new faces as the torch is handed from generation to generation.

It is a rare pleasure to get the recollections of one of the older generation of musicians. That is why the Kitwe Band Memoirs featured below is such a gem..

Kitwe Band Memoirs

From Great North Road

By Nicky Kontou.

“….In 1963 a few school friends got together and formed a band. Derek Klenwick on Bass Guitar, Charlie Johnstone on Lead Guitar, Chris Charalambidies on Drums, Nicky Kontou on Rhythm Guitar, Graham Boyle (Vocals). Our manager was Derek’s sister Rhona. We practised mostly in the Greek Hall. Rhona decided on the band’s name “The Blue Jays…………..”

kitwe online - jazz guitar

kitwe online - jazz guitar

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