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Love Letters in a Kiss

A Poem by Denny Moonde: I hope you read them all The flow of my heart therein Our young hearts pounding Feelings; a guiding star Our love olive solid Love letters sound better spoken, But timely words get twisted, Meaning lost Eaten in ink and voice So my love letters encrypted In the kisses we…

Author Interview – Denny Moonde

Denny Moonde_kitweonline

AUTHOR INTERVIEW – Zambian Poet Full Names; MUNTANGA DENNY MOONDE   How long have you been writing? Since 1994   What made you decide to become a writer? My time at school when I took Literature in English as a subject.   What sort of training have you undertaken towards becoming a better writer? Apart from online…

Adorable Lady – A Poem by Denny Moonde

Denny Moonde - kitweonline

A poem by Denny Moonde   Adorable Lady Would you be my valentine? Adorable lady Care for some alcohol free wine? Adorable lady Our love can touch the skies Adorable lady What we have first prize, lock eyes Adorable lady You’re my life’s whirlwind Adorable lady Your image on my mind, repeat rewind Adorable lady…

Crow of a Headless Rooster

Denny Moonde likes to write poems and we enjoy reading them. You might have read his last poem here October 24th.  He has also written other poems that you can read on AnitaPoems.com. Crow of a Headless Rooster is his latest poem. It reflects the mood, particularly at this time of year, for a lot…

Kitwe Poetry Corner – Barney Kanjela

Barney Kanjela is one of Zambia’s most prolific literary heavy weights. The author of many scripts that have been translated into plays and performed in different countries. He is one of the forces behind Kitwe Poetry Corner.
Barney’s poem of the week is entitled CHANGES.