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What is a PONG?


You probably don’t know what a PONG is because I just made the word up to describe an enhanced way of sharing our experiences using technology. This emerging phenomenon was not possible ten years ago. A PONG is a poem, song…

Akashi Ushilala

Joseph Mwila Bwembya_s - KOL

Akashi ushilala bakakumbwa umutenge. Emukutiila: Tekwesha ukulakumbwa in’ganda yabanobe nangula ubwikalo bwabo pantu tawaishiba ifyo baikala muli ilya ng’anda. Literal meaning: There are many people who admire other people’s lives not knowing that they also have got their own problems…

Kitwe Soccer Legends – Jericho Shinde


A Meeting With Jericho Shinde   One of Zambia’s most creative Midfielders of the 1980’s, Jericho Shinde lives a quiet life now after having coaching stints at Nkana, Kabwe Warriors and Kalulushi Modern Stars. This writer caught up with Jericho…

Bemba Proverbs and Sayings

Joseph Mwila Bwembya_s - KOL

Amapinda Ne Nsoselo We ushishi njili soimwene mulunweno. That is to say: You who does not know the person we were talking about, come and see him now. Emukutila: Mune weushaishiba ulya muntu twalelandapo, ala somumone uyu.



Jaan Panjabi AKA PNB (Panjabi By Nature) has made a reputation as a producer of popular music that blends Bhangra (a form of music from Punjab, a North Western Indian State) sounds with Western sounds. For his latest offering, Nath…


Traditional Marriages in Zambia - kitweonline

BOOK REVIEW TRADITIONAL MARRIAGES IN ZAMBIA A Study in Cultural History Yizenge A. Chondoka M.A. 1988   Recently I received a present through the post in the form of a hard cover book. “Traditional Marriages in Zambia” is sixty nine…

Author Interview – Denny Moonde

Denny Moonde_kitweonline

AUTHOR INTERVIEW - Zambian Poet Full Names; MUNTANGA DENNY MOONDE   How long have you been writing? Since 1994   What made you decide to become a writer? My time at school when I took Literature in English as a subject.  …

Chikanda – Let’s Cook With Gloria

Chikanda - Habenaria_plant

TODAY’S RECIPE IS CHIKANDA. Chikanda is mainly eaten by Bembas from Northern Province and Muchinga Province.Chikanda grows naturally in the bushes of Zambia.It looks like small pototatoes. Photo by J.M.Garg - Wikipedia. YOU WILL NEED: 250 grams chikanda 500 grams unshelled groundnuts A pinch of salt,chilly powder and soda. METHOD: Wash chikanda in clean cold…


Kitwe Monuments – Mposa mabwe Statue

The story behind Kitwe's Mposa Mabwe Statue On Kitwe’s Matuka Avenue and in the middle of the road, between Chermopharm chemists and Mama Africa shop, there is a real human size stone throwing statue commonly known as Mposa mabwe (“stone thrower”) by the local people of Kitwe.  One may ask why the statue was erected…

Who was Al Malik?

  STORIES BEHIND KITWE STREET NAMES  Have you ever wondered about the story behind your street name? Every street name tells a story. All streets and buildings in Kitwe that are named after people were deliberately named in order to remind us of our rich history. Some streets are named after Sports men e.g. Yotham Muleya Road…