Bemba Lesson 27: Emergencies

Bemba Phrases to Use in Emergencies.

In this lesson you will learn some phrases that will come in handy in emergency situations. It will help you to understand what someone may be trying to communicate to you in an emergency. It can also prepare you to communicate in Bemba when you are faced with an emergency.

If you cannot remember any Bemba words in an emergency, just speak in English. There is a good chance that someone will understand you because most people have been to school and English is the official language in school.

There are some terms, such as First Aid Kit, that we don’t have in Bemba. We have used the English term. You will find that most Bemba people will tend to use the same English terms.

Emergency Bemba Phrases

Emergency Bemba Phrases

Where is the toilet? = Icimbusu cilikwisa, mukwai?

Can you help me please? = Ngafweniko, napâpâta?

Can I use your phone, please? = Kuti nabonfyako foni, mukwai? / Ndelombako phoni (“I am begging for a phone”)

Do you have a First Aid Kit? = Bushe namukwata First Aid Kit?

Call an ambulance = Iteni Ambulance

Call a doctor = Iteni Doctor

Call a nurse = Iteni ba Nasi

Call the police = Iteni ba kapokola (Iteni ba Police)

Call the fire brigade = Iteni ba Fire Brigade

Help! = Ngafweniko! / Nafwa ee! (“I am dying!”)

Look out! = Moneni!

Stop! = Iminineni! (“Stand still”)

Thief! = Kabwalala!

Leave me alone! = Ndekeni nemwine!

Go away! = Fumeni apa!

There has been an accident! = Kuli amasanso!

It’s an emergency! = Masanso!


Can you think of more phrases that might come in handy in an emergency? Get in touch with us below.

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  2 comments for “Bemba Lesson 27: Emergencies

  1. Malama Mubanga
    August 13, 2015 at 5:50 am

    it’s great to have come across this site! I’m a fan! You people have worked so had to enhance, restore, as well as preserve our culture and language. Thank you.
    My question is, what’s the precise translation in English for “Mutule!”. The exclamation is used by individuals in security threatening situations.
    Thank you

    • JS
      August 28, 2015 at 10:55 am

      Hello ba Mubanga,
      Thanks for your comments.
      “Mutule” does not have a direct translation into English but is equivalent to “Help! ”
      We are interested in what our readers think and encourage everybody to help when other readers ask for translations.
      I hope you will also help us out.

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