Bemba Proverbs And Sayings

Amapinda Ne Nsoselo

“Amasuku yakutolelwa mapompo.”

English Meaning:

That is to say: Do not leave a task that you can manage to do with others because it may not be done as you expected or it might be spoiled.

Bemba Meaning:

Emukutila: Wilalekela ababiyo ukuti bakubombele umulimo untu wingakwanisha ukubomba wemwine pantu limbi kuti bakulufyanishisha.

Musuku fruit_Uapaca kirkiana

Musuku fruit_Uapaca kirkiana

Literal Meaning


“Amasuku yakutolelwa mapompo” 

The fruit of the Musuku tree is called Masuku.

Ukutolelwa” means having something picked up for you by someone else.

Mapompo” is unripe fruit that tastes sour.

Tree-ripened fruit gives the best taste. The fruit that is not quite ripe gives a sour taste which is not so pleasant (Mapompo – Bemba).

When you pick the fruit, you can carefully pick the ones that will give the best taste. If you have delegated the task to a friend, their choice may result in a basket-full of unripe, sour fruit. This is the origin of the saying above.

About the Musuku Tree

Masuku (Sugar Plum) are a sweet wild fruit that grows on the Musuku tree (scientific name: Uapaca kirkiana). The sweet fruit has a peach or plum taste. Its fruit can be used to make fruit juice and jam. It is also popular with bees who use its nectar for making honey.

Musuku unripe fruit_Uapaca_kirkiana_1

Musuku unripe fruit_Uapaca_kirkiana

(Image by Magnus Manske)

The Musuku tree (AKA Wild Loquat) grows in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. Its presence is an indicator of poor agricultural soils.

The fruit is usually gathered in the wild and is sold at the road side during the rainy season. Efforts have been made to grow the tree on a commercial scale for food and for use in making domestic utensils, furniture and carvings.

Musuku plantation - African Community Project Project in Cameroon

Musuku plantation – African Community Project in Cameroon

The female tree bears fruit in 9-10 years from seed. The tree starts flowering at the beginning of the rainy season (October/November).  It bears fruit every other year.

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