Kitwe Poetry Corner – Boyd Kaimbi Chibale

This week we proudly present the second poem from Kitwe Poetry Corner: IN UNISON by Boyd Kaimbi Chibale.


By Boyd Kaimbi Chibale

We stand here in unison

Singing a song in fashion

A song for the nation

We stand here in oneness

In a spirit of togetherness

Clad in robes of home

Looking not for shame,

Playing no game

But denouncing the blame

We stand here in unison

Ready for a fight,

With no fright

We stand here in unison

Geared like the knights

Looking for the right

In search of light

In search of a mind, a mind with

A kind heart

We stand here in unison

Looking for an answer,

An answer not written on a banner,

Not cultivated by a farmer

But an answer in our hearts

Right here,


Standing with a hear


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