Kitwe Poetry Corner – June 2011


Lydia Mhango - kitweonline

Lydia Mhango - kitweonline

This week we bring you some more poems from Kitwe Poetry Corner:



By Bwalya Kazungo

Who’s gonna take the blame?
Who’s gonna take the fame?
Who’s gonna take the pain?
Who’s gonna take the shame?

Marriage is a mutual commitment
And the obligation reciprocal
But marriage with you
Commitment asunder
Obligation one sided
Who’s gonna take the blame?

We talk no more
What are you taking
To what do you take me for?
Our hands no longer hold
My face you now look at with wry
What you now see which you never saw then
Only you and yourself know
Who’s gonna take the blame?
Who’s gonna take the fame?

Our faces glow with tears
Cold tears at the sight of our wedding photos
Our voices to more to us
Your warm body for me no more
Your heart beats against another chest
Our bedroom

Our bedroom no longer speaks adult
For you look askance at my nakedness

Who’s gonna take the blame?
Who’s gonna take the fame?
Who’s gonna take the pain?

What was presented as a gift
We look at like a rabid dog
Without expectation
Freely but not willingly
The candles we blow off
Maybe we don’t want to be loved
We just love to love

Give me your hand
Let me show you the inside of my heart
So you can see the longing for new love
Love but from the other side

I have decided
I have made a choice
I am leaving
For I am tired
Tired of my once again virginity
Who’s gonna take the blame?
Who’s gonna take the fame?
Who’s gonna take the pain?
And, who’s gonna take the shame?
I am gone.

Call Me Anything

By Boyd Kaimbi Chibale


Call me Security Guard No. 19

Or anything that would still mean Security Guard No. 19

Because I am Security Guard No. 19


I stand, stray and endure life in the lonely night

Praying for a night without a fight


I stand and endure the heat of the day

Hoping for a drop of manzi from anyone

A burger and a fanta, I rarely see


I am paid when they like,

They like it when I am broke

Because it will keep me hoping for my pay

I am Security Guard No. 19

By Barney Kanjela

Mother Africa, hidden treasure to those outside it
Yet those inside treat it like trash
Yet they don’t know what is in it
Chiefs only show a tiny symbol of Mother Africa’s richness
Whites have traveled to discover what we call trash
Then put a price tag on it and send it to Africa
They have hidden our faces with minor goods
Us thinking they are worth more when they are useless
Mother Africa can you enlighten us
So our kings can put value to our land and people
Mother Africa enlighten our kings to live like kings
Mother Africa hidden treasures to us but others see the value

By Barney Kanjela

It has no colour
It has no tribe no ethnic background
All races thrive in it
All churches thrive in it
All partisan groups thrive in it
It is the bridge between earth and heaven

Mourners and merrymakers cover themselves in it
Tomorrow it is Man U and Barca
At the end it will be amidst them
The cock crows in it
Dogs bark in it
And birds twit in it
‘Cos it is the bridge between earth and heaven

It has created employment for many
To some it is wealth and riches
To some it is a drug like cocaine
It lands them in ecstasy land
It is the bridge between earth and heaven

It can take you down memory lane and
jolt your mind to see, feel and smell what is past


Don’t Fall in Love
By Jewelia Lindsey
Read by Van Wyk Mumba

Have you ever fallen in love,
But knew they did not care?
Have you ever felt like crying,
but knew you’d get nowhere?

Have you ever watched them walk away,
Not wanting them to go?
And whispered “I love you” softly….
not wanting them to know,
you cried all night in misery
and almost went insane.

There’s nothing in this world
that causes so much pain.
If I could choose between love and death,
I think I’d rather die.

Love is fun but hurts too much
and the price you pay is high.
So I say don’t fall in love
you’ll be hurt before it’s through
you see my friend I ought a know
I’ve fallen in love like you.



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