Poetry Corner Launches in Kitwe

In a quiet corner of Kitwe Little Theatre, one by one they stood up to recite their poems. These are members of Poetry Corner which was launched at Kitwe Little Theatre on Friday, 18th June, 2010.

Lydia , the Co-ordinator of the group explained that Poetry Corner aims to encourage poetry writing and reading in Kitwe.

Lydia Mhango

Lydia Mhango

The group will meet once every two weeks at Kitwe Little Theatre. It consists of people who are interested  in reading poetry and writing their own. Now they have come together to encourage each other and to allow others to have a platform to express themselves.

Last Friday, five poems were read out.

Here’s the first poem, The Sound, written and read by Bwalya Kazungo:


BY Bwalya Kazungo

This is the sound

The sound that sounded a voice

A voice that said was voice of this sound

This is the sound

The sound that sounded sounds there time before

This is the sound

This sound is our sound

Our sound to sound the sound of this sound

And how the sound is moving…..

Sounding sounds about you to me

This sound speaks

Is speaking

Has spoken

Will speak…

In time forever

This sound speaks about you and me, women and children

This is the sound

The sound with sounds


Is the sound.


In the next few weeks we will feature more poems from Poetry Corner.

Have you got a poem on the tip of your pen? Get writing and express your creative self.

You can get in touch with Lydia by Email: lmhango@yahoo.com or by Phone: +260(0) 977776314 for more details about Poetry Corner.

You can also submit your poems for publication directly to Admin at kitweonline@googlemail.com.

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