Dr John Sendama (JS)

JS - Dr John Sendama

JS – Dr John Sendama

John is CEO of KitweOnline Management Limited.

He is a blogger and author of two books. English_Bemba Dictionary and How to Write eBooks to Make Money.

The following are his blog posts


Bemba Lessons

Free English Bemba Dictionary

Names of Zambian Snakes in Bemba

Vernacular Names For Zambian Birds

Laws of Nature in Bemba


Kitwe – Accommodation,Eating & Drinking

Tourist Destinations From Kitwe

Aerial Tour Of Kitwe



Kitwe Flights

A Tour Of Kitwe In Pictures

Independence Avenue, Kitwe Video

Places to visit in Kitwe – Kumasamba Lodge

Places to visit in Kitwe – Spur Farm House

Places to visit in Kitwe – Spur Farm House

A Drive Around Nkana West, Kitwe

Copperbelt Roadside Artists


The First Mayor Of Kitwe – 1954

Mayors of Kitwe 1954 – 2012 – Photo Gallery 

Video of Kitwe in the 1960s

Kitwe slide show 1967-1968

My Kitwe

The Early History of Kitwe

Before And After – Kitwe Street Names (1961-2011)

Cost of Groceries in Kitwe – A Snap Shot

Time Travellers In Kitwe


Zambian Baby Names – What They Mean


Traditional Dances

The Chewa People

African Tradition: Story Telling

The Story of the Orphan Snail

African Tradition: Malonje

Games Children Play in Zambia

Proud to be an African

Why Men Don’t Cry


Zambian Music Evolution

Kitwe Musicians

Born in Kitwe – Etienne Jean Marie Cacciari

Music Videos

dj wolf’s Musical Universe

Zambian Music Lyrics

 Madalas Band of Kitwe

A Song About Arranged Marriages

A Song On Marriage Advice

African Music Titans


Kitwe Authors

Books About Africa

Mothers Day Poem

Free eBook – Think And Grow Rich



Bemba Names for Books of the Bible

The Lord’s Prayer in Zambian Languages


Zambian Comedy Videos



Dr Malata Appointed Professor

Zambian Doctor Is UK Top Surgeon

Why I Love Nelson Mandela and My Mother

The Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Museum On Kitwe-Ndola Road 

Interview With Thomson Ng’ambi

Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, Greatness of Girls

Letters From A Retired Miner – Part 3

Born in Kitwe – Etienne Jean Marie Cacciari


Story Telling Shadows

Two Weddings

Burial for Dead Fish

The Largest Mango I’ve Ever Seen

Whatever Happened to that Chicken?

Chamboli Schools Re-visited

WANTED: The author of this Email:

Tasty Cassava Snack hits London!

A Medicine Man Promised To Multiply Your Old Money 


Roll Back Malaria campaign in Kitwe

12 Tips to Build Self Confidence in Your Child

Why New Year Resolutions Fail


Zambian Movies

Shuga – 3-Part Drama Series

Love Games – TV Drama Series


Discover News Archives About Kitwe!

Kitwe Public Library Needs Your Help 

Free University Education From Top Universities

Ted Talks – November, 2009


Information Sources For Businesses In Kitwe

Kitwe City Council Website

Doing Business in Zambia

16 Tips To Increase Your Sales

30 Tips To Improve Your Smart Phone Battery Life

Zambia’s Top 5 Trade Partners

A Catalogue Of Zambian Money: 1953 – 2011

The Future Of Advertising In Kitwe

Cost of Groceries in Kitwe – A Snap Shot

14 Simple Ways to Save Money Using a Slow Internet Connection

Why Import Used Vehicles From UK?

Tips On Buying Second-Hand Vehicles

Renewable Energy Sources 

New Zambian Currency

Copper Production In Kitwe, Zambia

Kitwe Property Prices in 2011

Why Advertise Your Business?


Who Will Inherit Your Facebook Account?

What Google Knows About You

Windup Radio Inventor

Kitwe Energy Sources

Free Face Recognition Software Brings Hope

Internet Radio From Kitwe

The Linux to Bemba Translation Project


Ituna School Project In Kitwe


Zambian Presidential Elections 

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